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We open the doors of the world of flavor for your happy days.

La Casa Catering, that has been in service since its establishment in 2001, is one of the most preferred catering establishments for parties with its menu consisting of the best samples of international cuisine with exceptional presentation. La Casa Catering can serve up to 500 people in many events such as weddings, engagements, cocktails, cocktail prolonge, house parties, countryside dinners, circumcision ceremonies, vijolas, iftar and business dinners and store and exhibition openings. La Casa Catering makes table arrangements with its own materials and works with a professional team of staff which. It is famous for their menu consisting of a selection of world cuisine as well as fusion, kosher and glatt kosher cuisine. The company offers service mostly for open-house parties, big venues and the Island, and in the summer it also offers service to boats. It also offers delivery to other cities, universities and hotels with its glatt kosher cuisine.
Offering a perfect organization and catering service in order to ensure you to host your guests with a complete peace of mind and providing flawless service with its excellent team of 20 people along with its unique style of presentation, La Casa Catering is an address that is preferred by many big brands such as the Istanbul Textile and Clothing Exporters' Association, the 5th Tastes of Istanbul Festival, Alarko and Finansbank.


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Kosher Food Service

Kosher food service for wedding ceremonies, wedding and engagements parties, coctails and coctail prolonge, circumcision parites, brit milah, vijolas, house gatherings and parties, iftar and business dinners...

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