Neve Shalom Synagogue

Neve Şalom Sinagogu
Throughout the history of Istanbul, there have been other synagogues that bear the same meaningful name as this one; ‘Oasis of Peace’. Towards the end of 1937, Keneset (Apollon) and Zülfaris Synagogues in Galata and Beyoglu districts were unable to meet the religious needs of the rapidly increasing Jewish population of the area. For high holidays like Pesach (Passover), Rosh Hashanah and especially Yom Kippur different venues were rented out, which was allowed only with a special permit that had to be taken for those dates, and used as temporary places for the services. Later on, the performance hall of the First Coed Jewish Primary School started to be used a place to hold the services. In 1948 the community leaders of the time decided to build a synagogue on the same land. Elyo Ventura and Bernar Motola, two young Jewish graduates of Istanbul Technical University, claimed that a temple with such significance should only be built with a deep passion for the project and therefore they asked to be given an opportunity. After a six-month planning period, the project prepared by Elyo and Bernar was accepted by the community leaders.
The biggest struggle for Elyo and Bernar was to design a dome that could support the weight of a massive and majestic chandelier. Calculations for this dome were made by the famous architect Bodin and the cast was made by Master Garbis. The designs for the stained-glass were drawn at the Academy of Fine Arts, and the glass used was imported from England.
Neve Shalom Synagogue opened its doors on Sunday, 25 March 1951 (17 Adar 5711) at 10:00am with a spectacular ceremony that began with the prayer Baruch Haba by İzak Macoro and lead by Rav Rafael Saban, the community's religious leader of the time.
Since its opening day Neve Shalom Synagogue has witnessed many happy events and ceremonies, but unfortunately the brutal attacks to this beautiful temple were the events that have been recorded as the most notable in its history.
The first attack was carried out on Saturday, 6 September 1986, and 22 Jewish citizens lost their lives during the Shabbath prayer as a result of the fire opened by the terrorists who got in the synagogue. The second attack was carried out on Saturday, 15 November 2003, once again during a Shabbath prayer. Two vehicles in front of Neve Shalom and Sisli Beth Israel Synagogues exploded simultaneously and six people who were in the synagogues, five security guards, one police officer and eleven citizens who were on the street lost their lives as a result of these terrorist attacks.
We commemorate our coreligionists and citizens; the victims who lost their lives during these vicious terrorist attacks that occurred in Neve Shalom in 1986 and 2003.

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