Knesset Israel Synagogue

Keesset İsrael Sinagogu
Knesset Israel Synagogue was opened to service by converting the rented Union Cinema Hall, located on Büyükhendek Street which opened to the tower square in Beyoglu district, Galata neighbourhood. The building was opened to service on March 18, 1923 after a comprehensive renovation. The name of the synagogue remained as "Apollon Synagogue" as the entrance to the synagogue was through a building named Apollon. This synagogue was often used particularly for funerals and Maftirim Choir of Jewish people who had emigrated from Edirne to Istanbul during the Balkan Wars chanted hymns and psalms during every Saturday service. This Synagogue was closed as a result of a disagreement between the landlords in 1982 and an office building was built in its place.