Iftar Dinner

İftar Yemeği
Iftar Dinner at the Neve Shalom Cultural Centre

The Turkish Jewish Community has been iftar diner for a large number of people from politics, business and media world in Neve Shalom Synagogue in Ramadan since 2003. With the azan recited in the synagogue, messages of peace and brotherhood are given.
After the fasting broken upon the azan recited in the Neve Shalom Cultural Centre, speeches of the host Chief Rabbi Rav Isak Haleva and the President of the Community of the time are delivered.
In a speech, Rav Isak spoke to the guests saying: "I am proud and happy on my behalf and on behalf of my community to host you here with the traditional iftar dinner in this evening of the holy month of Ramadan during which our Muslim brothers cast themselves upon God's boundless forgivingness in a more intense mood ever with their fasting and iftar worships."
The President of the Community of the time said that ''I greet all friends in this iftar dinner who believe in friendship, brotherhood to illuminate our world and that discrimination is wrong both in the sight of God and human and ethically with respect and love on behalf of the Turkish Jewish Community. Among invitees of the iftar dinner generally are the Governor of Istanbul, the Mayor of Istanbul, the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor, the Mayor Sisli, the Mayor of Beyoglu, the President of the Turkish Jewish Community Foundation, the district law enforcement leaders, consulates, diplomatic missions representatives, religious representatives, journalists, NGO members and lecturers.