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La Casa Catering

La Casa Catering is with you in the sky, during your flights as well. Expect to have delicious meals if you choose to have Kosher meals while you're traveling with Turkish Airlines. La casa catering achieves to be unique with its creative , natural and excellent tastes. GLATT KOSHER meals have been available in many flights for a long while now and they became available for TEL AVIV flights since 31/10/2010.
As a result of the increasing satisfaction from our customers, we expanded our dish diversity with 20 different meal options and menus special for BUSINESS CLASS, which will be offered to you, our passengers, rotating in every 15 days.
We are thankful for our community members who were always there to support us. Don’t forget to order from your travel agency or 444 0 THY to try our new meals in your travels.
THY and Star Allieance flights with available Kosher menus: New York( one way from Istanbul), Chicago, Hongkong, Singapore, Tel Aviv; Stansted, London, London, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Hannover, Helsinki, Dublin, Hamburg, TXL, Budapest TXL, Berlin, SXF, Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Almaata, Amman, Bahrain, Lyon, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Muscat, Munich, New Delhi, Nuremberg, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, Riyadh, Rome, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Tehran, Tashkent, Tunisia, Warsaw, Zurich.
La Casa Catering We are opening the doors of a delightful world for your happy days. La Casa Catering, which has been serving since its establishment in 2001, is one of the most beautiful.
Sisli Kosher Restaurant La Casa Catering is the first name that comes to mind when it’s Kosher. Superior service of "LA CASA CATERING".
Catering in the air La Casa Catering is with you at your travels in the sky.


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Kosher Food Service

Kosher food service for wedding ceremonies, wedding and engagements parties, coctails and coctail prolonge, circumcision parites, brit milah, vijolas, house gatherings and parties, iftar and business dinners...

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Sisli Kosher Restaurant

Daily specials and Doner and Iskender options on Sundays...

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Catering For Flights

La Casa Catering is with you in the sky, during your flights as well.