Selichot Prayers


Selichot, prayers of pleading for God's forgiveness, is the plural form of the word Seliha meaning "amnesty", "forgiveness" or "appeal". As the Days of Awe (Yamim Noraim) approach in which everyone will be judged and everyone's fate for the next year will be determined, one begins turning inwards and introspecting. Selichot prayers with which God is pleaded for forgiveness are recited in the month of Elul. The important point here is that confession is not made in singular form like 'I', but in plural form like "we".
Repeating the Thirteen Attributes of God, specified in Torah, aloud over and over is the heart of Selichot prayers. Selihot prayers are recited in the last part of the night, right before dawn. According to the Jewish mysticism, the moments when God's presence and proximity is the most intense are the time right before dawn.